Coin Data

Coin World+ is designed to give you a wealth of rich data about your coins. Well above and beyond anything listed on the graded holder. Further, we aggregate data from many sources and our team of analysts factor this information into the Estimated Value for coins.

Data available for all users and all coins in Coin World+ includes, but is not limited to:

  • Year
  • Denomination
  • Series name
  • Category
  • Additional description
  • Mint
  • Mintage
  • Grading service
  • Designer’s names
  • Composition
  • Provenance
  • And much more!
Additionally, coins tagged with the Coin World+ Tag contain even more data including:

  • History
  • Recent auction results
  • Grading service value
  • Coin World+ Estimated Value
To learn more about getting your coins tagged, visit Coin World+ Tags.

We aggregate data from a variety of publicly available sources and use it to build a proprietary database of coin information that our valuing analysts use to determine Estimated Values for all coins known to Coin World+.

While our database is extensive, there are many coins in the world not yet known to Coin World+. When a coin is first identified in Coin World+, our systems take the time to compile data from various sources to serve you up the best possible result. Results are typically available in minutes, and you will receive a smartphone notification once they are available.

Be sure to visit our General Help section for extensive answers to frequently asked questions and guides for getting the most out of Coin World+, or contact us for further assistance.