Scanning Coins

The Coin World+ app introduces a convenient way for collectors to inventory or identify coins - in an instant. Scanning a coin allows you to see additional data behind the coin, including: series name, category, additional description, mint, mintage, grading service, designer’s names, composition, provenance and more! This works on any graded coin by supported graders.

Additionally, coins tagged with the Coin World+ Tag contain even more data including: history, recent auction results, grading service value and the Coin World+ Estimated Value.

Once you’ve scanned a coin, you can add it to your inventory. If the coin is a Coin World+ Tagged coin, it will go into the “Coin World+” section of your inventory. Otherwise, it will be added to “Other Coins”. To see your inventory at any time, simply tap “Inventory” at the bottom of the app.

Whether you’re managing your inventory or shopping for new coins at a show or dealer, these features will help you be a more informed collector.

At this time, we only allow for the scanning of graded coins. Our supported graders are currently Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS)® and Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC)®, with plans to add more soon.

Any graded coin by a supported grader can be scanned by either NFC scan or Barcode scan.

Only coins tagged with the NFC-enabled Coin World+ Tag can be scanned using the easy and convenient NFC scan. All that is required is an NFC-enabled smartphone.

To scan a NFC-enabled Coin World+ Tag, open the app and tap on the circular “Tap to Scan” icon at the top of the screen and follow the prompts. The app will now be looking actively for nearby NFC connections. This is when you should hold your smartphone near the Coin World+ Tag.
How to Scan your Coins with Coin World+ mobile app
NFC Scan your Coin Collection with Coin World+ mobile app
The placement of the NFC chip in your phone varies from device to device. The first time you scan, we encourage you to move the phone around by sliding the back of the phone over the tag until it scans.

When you scan with NFC, you’ll see the full details behind the tagged coin. This includes everything we know about the coin and is the best way to experience coins in the Coin World+ app. To learn more about getting a tag, see Coin World+ Tags.

NFC is a popular technology found on billions of devices worldwide and over 73% of mobile devices as of 2018. Chances are, you have NFC in your pocket right now. NFC itself is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices (i.e. the mobile phone and the Coin World+ Tag) over a short distance (typically under 1.5 inches).

It’s likely you’ve already experienced NFC. It powers popular payment services like Apple Pay® & Google Pay™. If you use services like those, your phone has NFC.

Additionally, iPhone® has included NFC in all models since iPhone® 7 and Android has wide adoption of NFC as well. You may need to consult your manufacturer’s website to determine whether or not your phone includes NFC but if it is a smartphone purchased in the US since 2015, there’s a great chance you already have it.

While most phones have NFC technology built-in, not all phones have it enabled. To check if your phone has NFC enabled, follow these steps:
  • For Apple iPhone®, all models 7+ have NFC enabled and you do not need to do anything further to enable it. Older models of iPhone® are not supported.
  • For Android® phones running Android® OS 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or higher, go to Settings, tap the Search bar, type “NFC”, then tap and turn on NFC. Phones running older versions of Android® are not supported.

Today, coins tagged with Coin World+ Tags are still a rarity. We’re working to change that. In the meantime, we made it possible for you to scan by Barcode so you can experience Coin World+ even when a Coin World+ Tag is not present.

All holdered coins for supported grading services have a barcode that can be read by the Coin World+ app, which has a Barcode scanner built-in. Simply load up the app and then tap on the Barcode icon at the top right then follow the prompts.
Scan a Coin’s Barcode
The Barcode scanner will appear on your phone’s screen and you will be prompted to select your Grading Service. Select the grading service of the graded coin you are trying to scan, then position the Barcode scanner it over the barcode. Be sure to line it up with the barcode. To expedite scanning, be sure your barcode is well lit, unobstructed and free from smudges.
Scan Barcode screen
Select Grading Service screen
Barcode scanner
If your phone is having problems reading the barcode, try moving either closer to or further away until it works. In the rare event that you cannot scan by barcode, we have added an option for you to scan manually.

We’ve made it easy to look up a coin even if there is an issue with Scanning. If you can’t scan the coin using either method above, you can manually enter the coin. See below.

We made it possible for you to manually enter a coin so you can experience Coin World+ even when a Coin World+ Tag is not present. This is useful when a coin’s barcode is damaged or distorted. Coins added in this manner will appear in your “Other Coins” inventory. To learn more about Other Coins, see Inventory.

To manually enter a coin, simply tap the Barcode Scan icon (top right) and then tap “Manually Add Coin”. Follow the prompts to quickly add a coin manually to your collection. You will be prompted to select the grading service for the coin in question and to enter grading identification numbers. The app will provide tips on how to properly interpret and input the numbers. Once you’ve input the coin’s details, tap “Add to Inventory - Other Coins”.
Manually Add Coins button
Manually Add Coins screen

Once you scan the coin, you will be able to see everything we know about it. In addition to having access to this wealth of data for every coin, you’ll also be able to perform a few actions with the coin, including:
  • Add the coin to your Inventory. Coins you scan by Barcode can be added to your “Other Inventory”. Coins with an NFC tag cannot be added to inventory, they must instead be transferred from the user who owns it. For more on Transfers, see Buy, Sell and Trade.
  • Add the coin to your Wantlist. You can add any coin to your Wantlist and use this to keep track of coins you want to buy. For more on Wantlist, see Inventory.

Once you scan a coin, the Coin World+ will check to see if it belongs to another user. In this way, we keep existing Coin World+ collections safe for the collector. Depending on whether or not the coin belongs to another user, one of the following will happen:

If the coin DOES NOT belong to another user, you will be presented with an option to “Add Coin to My Inventory”. Once you tap that, the Coin will go into your inventory.

If the coin DOES belong to another user, you will not be allowed to add the coin to your inventory. This is done to protect the collections of existing Coin World+ users.

If you believe you are being prevented from adding a coin to your inventory improperly, just reach out to our team of experts. We’ll investigate the issue and resolve it accordingly. You can contact us here: Contact Coin World+

While our database is extensive, we don’t have data prepared for every coin just yet. When a coin is first encountered by Coin World+, our system takes time to prepare the initial results.

This typically takes less than 5 minutes and you will receive a notification on your phone when your coin is ready for viewing. In the meantime, you can safely proceed with scanning the rest of your coins while you wait.

We take data integrity very seriously. Please contact us and we will work to verify & resolve the error. Coin World+ is a community and could not happen without your help and participation!

Be sure to visit our General Help section for extensive answers to frequently asked questions and guides for getting the most out of Coin World+, or contact us for further assistance.