NFC Tags Help

The Coin World+ Tag is a new breakthrough in the evolution of coin collecting and leverages NFC-encryption technology in every tag. NFC is a popular technology present in billions of devices worldwide and allows two electronic devices (the tag and the mobile device) to communicate with each other.

All Coin World+ Tags include NFC and are used to digitally authenticate your coins. Every Tag includes tamper-protection technology that will allow us to identify if a tag has been severed, moved or modified in other ways.

When a coin has a Coin World+ Tag applied, Coin World+ users can see a complete picture of the coin, including its history, grading, auction data and Estimated Value. Coins without the Coin World+ Tag can still be seen and managed within the app, but they will contain less information.

The Tags act as a digital authentication of the coin within the holder. They tell you what Coin the grading service has in the holder. Scanning a Tag allows you to see a wealth of rich data behind the coin. Only coins with the Coin World+ Tag have the full picture of coin data available. Coins without the Tag will still have some data in Coin World+, but not as much.

When scanned, the Tag will also tell the app (and the app will tell you) if the Tag has been tampered with.

There are two ways you can obtain a Coin World+ Tag:
  1. When you buy or trade for a coin that is already Tagged. Be sure to have the seller transfer the coin to you using Coin World+ app. For more on this, see: Buy, Sell and Trade.
  2. All Coin World+ users are eligible to order Tags directly from us. When you order tags from us, you will send us your graded coin, we will apply the tags and configure it to your Coin World+ account, and return them to your in a secure and prompt fashion. To learn more and get started, visit our ordering page: Order Coin World+ Tags.

When you order Coin World+ Tags from us, you will ship your coins to our secure facility where we will perform the Tagging and then return them to you securely.

You do not need to re-holder the coin, and our expert technicians will apply the tags with care to ensure the fidelity of all coin data in Coin World+.

The tagging involves verifying the coin’s details, securely adhering the tag to the holder and mapping the tagged coin to your Coin World+ user account.

When you ship to us, you use your preferred shipping carrier, method and insurance. When we ship your coin back to you, we do so via our carrier partners USPS® and FedEx®. Return Shipments are fully insured up to $100,000.

To place an order for tags, you can use our Tag Ordering Website. The site will guide you through the order process, calculate Return Shipping, and provide you with instructions and a form to provide along with your coin shipment.
Order Coin World+ NFC Tags

When you order Coin World+ Tags, you’re also getting expert service and support that includes the secure application of the tag to your coin and insured Return Shipping to you.

Coin World+ Tags are priced based on the value of the coin they are being applied to at the time of order. Prices are as follows:
  • Coins valued Under $10,000: $10 per tag, plus Return Shipping
  • Coins valued $10,000 or above: $20 per tag, plus Return Shipping
Once you ship your coins to us, we will apply the Tags and ship them back to you with a prepaid Return Shipping label, with insurance included.

Return Shipping varies and will be calculated for you during your Tag order. You will be provided with the price before you submit your order. Rates vary based on your location and the number of coins in your order. However, thanks to our scale, we’ve negotiated excellent shipping and insurance rates with our carrier partners USPS® and FedEx® so we can pass those savings on to you.

With Coin World+, our Return Shipments are all fully insured as follows: All coins valued up to $100,000 are insured for the full value of the coin.

For coins in excess of that value, please contact us so we can accommodate your need. We offer scalable solutions to satisfy collections of any size with safety and security.

When shipping your coins to Coin World+, shipping & insurance is the responsibility of the sender. When you ship to us, choose the carrier and insurance of your choice and we will make sure the coin gets back to you safely and securely.

For collectors with large lots, we are eager to help you catalogue your entire inventory in a more cost effective manner. We offer solutions for bulk customers that include options such as on-site tagging where one of our technicians will be dispatched to perform the services. To inquire about solutions, please contact us.

While we’ve worked hard to achieve economic shipping rates and Tag prices, we understand the importance of the hard earned dollar as well as anyone. For collectors wishing to save on shipping fees, please look for a Coin World booth at coin tradeshows near you. Or, contact us to learn about when we’ll next be in your neck of the woods.

While we have a broad vision for how Coin World+ can help grow and evolve the numismatic space, currently Coin World+ tags can only be purchased directly from us. However, based on the feedback we’ve received from collectors and dealers so far, we plan to expand in exciting ways very soon.

To discuss potential partnerships, please contact us.

Be sure to visit our General Help section for extensive answers to frequently asked questions and guides for getting the most out of Coin World+, or contact us for further assistance.