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The Coin World+ Tag is here.

Designed with you in mind, the Coin World+ Tag is here to make collecting smarter and more convenient than ever.

Each tag uniquely identifies a specific, graded coin. And now, you can get your coins tagged too.

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Your coins have a voice.

When you combine the Coin World+ app with the Coin World+ tags, you'll see what your coins have to say.

See their Coin World+ Value, Auction History, Grading Information and History.

And much more.

See the details behind your collectible coins
NFC technology in every coin world plus tag


Our NFC technology works with your smart phone.

Each Coin World+ tag includes NFC technology compatible with chip readers commonly found in smartphones today.

Once your coin is tagged, you can quickly scan it with your mobile phone to reveal its history, manage your inventory and more.


How it all works.

With the Coin World+ app installed, just wave your NFC-enabled smartphone over any Coin World+ Tagged coin.

You'll be shown everything we know about your coin. All in one convenient place.

Plus, interact with everything the app has to offer.

Scan the NFC tag with your mobile phone

Coin World+ tags are now available.
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Smarter & More Connected.

See all the ways Coin World+ enables you to make the most of collecting.

For the Coins You Have... ... and the Coins you Want
Quickly see the rich data behind each coin you own"
At tradeshows or coin shops, wave your phone over a coin to reveal its value and history
Wave your phone over your Tagged coin to find it in the app with ease
Save the coins you want to your Wantlist
List it for sale with a tap and make deals directly with targeted buyers in-app
We'll even notify you when we find similar coins


What is NFC?

The technology powering the Coin World+ Tag has a familiar face.

Near Field Communication (NFC)
Near Field Communication
NFC itself is a set of communication protocols for communication between two electronic devices over a short distance (typically under 1.5 inches).
NFC technology is convenient
Enabling Convenience Everyday
It’s likely you’ve already experienced NFC. It powers popular payment services like Apple Pay® & Google Pay™.
NFC is Proven Technology
Proven Technology
NFC chips are a popular technology found in everyday electronics since 2007. Today, they are in over 2 billion** devices; most commonly smart phones.
NFC is compatible with your mobile phone device
Your Phone is Ready
Present in 73% of United States mobile phones since 2018***, that number only continues to grow. Chances are, you have NFC in your pocket right now.

Enhance your collection with NFC-powered Tags.
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Tamper Protection for Your Collection

Tamper Protection notification on smart phone


All Coin World+ Tags have Tamper-Protection. Built-in.

If one of your Tags is tampered with, the app will notify you next time the tag is scanned.

A Safe & Secure Process

Learn about how we safeguard your collection during the Tagging process.


We work for you.

When you choose to have your coins Tagged, we take great care to provide exemplary service.

Once we receive your coins, we Tag them and assign them to your Coin World+ account and promptly return them to you.

White glove coin tag service


What to Expect

Coin world plus tagging process


Your Security is Our Top Priority

Ship it
Ship it Your Way
When you send us your coins, you're in control. Ship them via any major carrier to our Tagging Facility located centrally in the US.
Choose your Carrier
Your Coins. Your Carrier.
When returning your coins, we've made it possible for you to choose to use your own shipping account with FedEx® and USPS®.
Return Shipping
Return Shipment Insurance
All Return Shipments to US addresses are insured for up to $100,000 US. We can accomodate higher level collections as well, just contact us.
Affordable Shipping
Affordable Return Shipping
If you choose to use our Return Shipping services, you'll enjoy low rates and your coins will be returned to you via US Registered Mail. View Rates


Straightforward & Affordable. That's our Tag Pricing

Tiered Pricing = Your Savings

Coins over $10,000 in declared value can be Tagged for just $20 each. Have a coin under $10,000? Those are just $10 each to Tag.

Tiered pricing for coin tags

More than Just a Tag

We've shouldered the cost to develop Coin World+. When you choose to have your collection Tagged with Coin World+ Tags, you benefit from everything we've built, and more.

More than just a tag

The future is here. Your tags are waiting.
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* Supported graders currently include PCGS® and NGC® with more to be announced shortly.
** State of NFC in 2021
*** New ScientiaMobile Report Shows Trends in Video Orientation, NFC Support, Connected and SmartTV Competition, iPhone Global